About Brickpoint Properties, Inc.

A Better Way of Doing Business
For more than 50 years, we've been conducting business in a unique way in the Greater Boston area. Brickpoint Properties believes that human values can be equal to monetary considerations, without compromising on either. This special philosophy has led to the title, "The Nonconformists" in real estate. Our management policies, reflecting firm but fair treatment of tenants, contractors, vendors and lenders, have resulted in files bulging with letters of praise. We consider our success and fine reputation proof that our unique approach works.

Leaders in Innovative Policies
We were the first to recognize the new transient nature of residential occupancy, and it led us to completely eliminate residential leases. We scored another first by instituting a policy of rent discounts based upon longevity. This allows us to pass along to tenants the savings of re-letting commissions, decorating costs, and vacancy resulting from turnover. The success of our nonconformist ideology is today inspiring similar innovations in the management of our commercial office buildings.

Commitment to Our Customers
As we move into a new era, we remain dedicated to serving our customers with the same integrity that has built our reputation and our success. We look forward to working with the Greater Boston-area real estate community in the many years to come.